Wednesday, October 14, 2009

"I had the best time dancing but THIS is even better!"

That is what Aramina says when she's kicking bad guy butt in Barbie & The Three Musketeers. Fred decided to be the green Musketeer (aka Aramina), Moga helped us out with the insert piece but I did the fan all by myself! There will be a second fan after this weekend.

Not sure what we were going for?
It's okay, here's a pic so you don't have to Redbox the movie :)

Here she is feeling the inspiration from ANTM


tine said...

look at you! you CAN paint the design. and the fan is wonderful. I love Fred's ANTM.

Karen Valinda said...

OH! I was going to ask what ANTM was then I read Moga's comment and I GOT it!!! Will Fred be tall enough? ;-Þ
You guys did a great job. The fan is very impressive, Fred looks divine.

Heidi said...

my children are in love with this movie. They were so excited to see that Annie had chosen to be one of the Three Musketeers! Cool costume!