Monday, September 7, 2009

Reunion, Mini Golf & Shopping - For ME!

Saturday was the Reunion for my FIL and his siblings. We went and everyone remarked how big my kids are getting, how long George's hair is, and how we ought to get together more often since several of them live here in the Vegas Valley. Between breakfast and dinner the girls and I went over to Kathy's, hung out and swam.

Toadwat was trying to get extra attention so she got herself hospitalized on Friday night with some respiratory thing she's had for a month that won't let go. She was out for a day but got locked up again before we left. I hope they make her well - her cough sounds awful!

Yesterday was church and then dinner (smoothies & fry bread- YUM!) with games and popcorn after that. The girls took our new Wii games, mini golf and Wii Sports Resort, and had fun showing their cousins how to play.

Today we woke up just in time to get ready and go play mini golf for real! The girls asked to go and St. George still has an outdoor course. They played really well until hole 11 then it turned into a free for all and George got a "hole in three!" every time. :)

We finished up mini golf and ElCid's oldest sister KT came and met us there. She told ElCid she wanted to borrow me for a while and she took me to Eddie Bauer and we got me new clothes! It was so much fun! After that we split a sandwich and brownie (both were enormous) at a nearby bakery. It was a wonderful early birthday present. :)

The trip back was uneventful and George and Jr made it to dance class.

Tomorrow is the first General PTSO Meeting and I hope it goes over well. Other projects for this week are new outfits for Friday, being Mommy helper in Jr's class on Wednesday and a new bulletin board for Fred's class on Thursday or Friday.


Awesome! Jeopardy this week will be classic episodes tonight is the very first one with Alex from Sept. 10th 1984. George was really excited "It's all new!" When I told her it was the first one, they are just replaying it, she looked confused and said "Well I've never seen it".


An Wanna said...

We missed it! We taked mommy to a movie. I woulda stayed home if I'd known about Jeopardy.

Karen Valinda said...

Yeah!for George... if SHE has never seen it, it MUST be new.
Are your new clothes 'stylin'? Are you going to post pictures of them? Of you wearing them?
We saw UP tonight, it was sad but good, SQUIRREL! now at least makes sense... B,L and JE had seen it while I was at Tiney's in June...

Safire said...

Sounds like you guys had a good time!

El Cid said...

Hole in three! My personal favorite part of mini-golf was having to swim in after Fred's golf ball in the water hazard!