Monday, July 20, 2009

Using up the fabric

I have a lot of fabric, it's part of my year supply. I was going through it this evening looking for stuff to use for Kafra's Birthday party pants. I came across some Care Bear fabric I've had since Jr., my Care Bear lover, was very little. I have no idea what I was going to use it on originally but tonight it became summer pj's.

She was very happy to have a new outfit and it only took 2 hours, I should do more projects like this. Quick, easy, free and instantly gratifying.


El Cid said...

Jr was very proud of those clothes; you did an awesome job! Oh, yeah, and best of all they were free!

Karen Valinda said...

Ddonn, this is too cute!!! When I grow up I seriously want to be like you when it comes to sewing, amazing and true.

An Wanna said...

ummm You live in Vegas, isn't everything summer clothes?

And the Pjs are very cute.

Kathy said...

Very cute PJ'S! I wish I had a pair just like them-although, I think they would be more scary and less cute on me!

Safire said...

Great pjs! If only we could all be so cute.