Saturday, July 18, 2009


As always weather in Vegas created a stir at our house.
Enjoy the rain pictures as much as we enjoyed the 20 minutes of rain!

They were sent straight to the shower after all the fun, that water was gross!

See the window behind ElCid? See that it is partially rolled down?
Yeah, it's cable broke (it's zip tied up that far) and we get to go on Monday and find out how much it will be to fix, at the dealership, it's one of THOSE fixes.


An Wanna said...

Oh come on! You let your children splash in the rain but you are too good for a clear plastic drivers side window???

Grammy said...

Uncle Larry and I took apart a window and fixed the up and down problem before! Invite Uncle Larry over... it'll be more fun and may cost less ;-Þ

I'm back home and able to comment with WILD abandonn ;-}

El Cid said...

Next time we need to get a picture of you playing in the rain!

Karen Valinda said...

or sticking her tongue out! What sort of Birthday gift can she hope for posting pictures like this of her beloved??? OH! Hi Ddonn ;-}

Kathy said...

I love how the two oldest are splashing away and the youngest is daintily picking her way through the "wet" Awesome! Sorry about your window.