Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Trying to Run Errands

Today Moga and I headed out after a nice slow morning.

She took me to a super yummy burger place she always wanted to try out. It was great!
We went to the Almond Roca distribution store then we went past the Little Pink House to take a pic.

We stopped by Carolyn's house and it was great to see her and most of her kids.
After seeing her we went by our old house and the one next door is for sale!!! It isn't the same as ours but it would hold all of us (hint hint ElCid)

We moved on to Walgreens and got t shirts for the girls and my extra kid. I found a magnet for us and one for Kathy that is a faux map that actually has Forks on it. I thought it would be fun to drive out there just to say I'd been (it's about 4 hours) but Matey doesn't think it's a good idea.

Once we got back to the car it wouldn't start. We tried a trick that got it to start the last time it did this and it didn't work. We called Sandy & Larry and they gave us some suggestions but nothing helped.

After all the fun of going in to Walgreens three times and making a trip to Albertsons we called Carolyn and she let us be her service project for today. Jim (her husband) sent Jamers (her oldest son, Jameson, I used to baby sit starting when he was 4 hence the reason why I still call him Jamers) to help us out. It was a good thing and we got the car going.

Once we made it home Matey sort of forgave us for stranding him in the parking lot for nearly an hour. He had food and diapers but it wasn't good enough to keep him happy.

Larry came and helped out once we tried to start the truck to go get thePirate and it wouldn't even try to start. It was nice to see him and Sandy and visit while they told us how to fix the battery connections.

It wasn't a bad day but it certainly didn't turn out the way we planned. :)


Le said...

Ok so your broke the Pirate's Car? No wonder Matey was upset!

Karen Valinda said...

So it was just the battery connections? Whose house? Bran's? Iris'? Sherrie's would be big enough but AnWanna sez it's NOT 'next door'.
Goofy girl!
Glad you girls made it home fine - poor Matey... xoxoxox

Krysten said...

Oh wow what a day. You know my Dad and I are only are a hop skip and a jump from that walgreens. Its Brans house up for sale. Doesn't look the same tough, they painted it some funky peach Color.

The Lowe Family said...

ur making me tired with that baby. are you gonna come here when i have mine and tote it around for me?

El Cid said...

Funky peach color? Well I'm sold, except someone called and told me the number to call the realtor was 475-7775. That number doesn't work; I think I need an area code; oh well, must not be meant to be...