Friday, June 5, 2009

Off on another adventure

I can't remember the last time I flew on a plane by myself. It was probably in college when I had come to my dad's house here in Vegas, probably.

I have the girls packed and ready to for a week at Grandma's house, I have enough food for ElCid for the next week and I have all of my presents for Matey in my suitcase. I think that covers all the important stuff.

I leave tomorrow at 6:30 am - icky! It's a good thing I have HP & the Prisoner of Azkaban, 3 games and 2 new movies on my ipod to help me pass the time until I rescue Matey from his mean ole' Mommy that keeps eating dairy!

Moga lives in the real world so I should be updating my blog and facebook while I'm at her house. If I don't it's because she's making me work too much.

I'm like a kid on Christmas eve I am SOOOO excited to GOOOO!!!!


Kathy said...

That will be so fun. You will have to let us know what it is like to travel without all three of your kiddos! Don't have too much fun-you may not come back.

Karen Valinda said...

You must have a lay over... it is only a 2 hour flight and you don't get in until 11:30, and she is in the same time zone, unlike me... so why leave at 6:30? Are you having fun somewhere along the way?
I am just jealous because my flight next week is short and to the point, 25 min to get there, 2:20 to get home... I love the time difference! Then I will rescue Matey from his Auntie who cleans and plays with mommy and doesn't just sit and hold him for hours on end... well, I can dream ;-Þ
xoxoxox smstshem

An Wanna said...

I don't have an Ipod... Maybe that is why I don't get to visit Matey...

The Lowe Family said...

how fun fun fun!!! i couldn't remember the last time i was on a plane by myseld either until i went to utah. it was so scary!!

Heidi said...

Have lots of FUN!