Friday, June 12, 2009

A day at the beach

Not the whole day really but the best part of it.

We woke up tired, Matey didn't have the best night, and tidied the apt.

We hung out and our Dad came about 1.

We hung out some more and then went to Owen's Beach, my FAVORITE. We walked the beach, talked, collected rocks for Jr., I waded in the water and called ElCid to let him know we should really move here, cause he might have forgotten.

We picked up thePirate and went to Famous Dave's - YUMMY - for dinner.

It was a fun day and tomorrow we'll visit with our Dad again in the morning and then get our Mom from the airport at 2. The plan is to hang out in the Sea - Tac area until it's time to drop me off at the airport at about 6.

It's been a great vacation and I will miss Matey, Moga and the weather. I've been driving my BIL to work (at 3 am) and I've gotten to know him a lot better it's been a lot of fun.


Le said...

You can win for favorite sister in law cuz I am so not even gonna try to compete with driving people places at 3am...

Karen Valinda said...

But I will inherit the priviledge. I called right at 7 like I said I would but had to leave a msg, notice I did NOT call you or Dad or thePirate, just left a msg... I so impressed me ;-}
tomorrow xoxoxox !

El Cid said...

I'm glad you had fun at the beach and Famous Dave's! And that you had a ton of fun! I look forward to seeing you tonight!

Kathy said...

El Cid is still thinking about socks, huh?

A day at the beach? You bragger!!!

The Lowe Family said...

u just went to the beach so you could be as cool as me. did you catch a glimpse of me over on the other coast? i was the one waving at you, mooning you.