Sunday, May 24, 2009

Bogged down by life

Like most of the lapses in my faithful blogging I've just been stalled by my life the last few days. I've been on the computer quite a bit and I feel nearly as loved as Jessica because so many people were willing to voice opinions and advice about getting a new computer, now I just have to get ElCid on board.

I've been working on the top secret project, 5th grade celebration, notes home, Pastries with Parents, and there were some dishes and laundry in there too.

Tomorrow we're going to take the girls to see Night at the Museum, and I'll finish up the latest version of the project and have it to Sandra by 6pm.

After that I will make up permission slips to send home with 5th graders so they can come to the celebration on Friday and email my board looking for people to delegate stuff to. The project has to be mass produced by Friday in triplicate. I'm actually a little bit scared of everything that has to be done this week so don't be mad if you don't hear much from me until Friday night.

Have a great week!!


Anonymous said...

I will just send you encouraging txt msgs Ddonn, instead of calling you or the Nevada State Patrol ;-} with a description of you and Bunzo.

Kathy said...

I think you can! I think you can! I think you can! I will TRY to stay busy and not call and bother you this week.

The Lowe Family said...

seeee....u ARE loved. even if you have bashed toes.

i really do mean to respond to ur email. i'm just slow and forgetful. maybe i should do it now since i'm thinking about it.

Safire said...

*sniff* You are abandoning us (mostly me). *pouts in corner*