Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Fred, Jr. & George are very excited to see who wins America's Next Top Model tonight. They are rooting for Allison who "Has eyes as big as Jr!" I made this for George this afternoon and we had a mini photo shoot, "Just like America's Next Top Model!"

The Pout

A Profile

All natural

Sweet as can be

Rockin' the angles
She loved the top saying it made her look like "A big Fatty Easter Egg" something that is apparently... good?


Kathy said...

Big fatty easter egg? I was laughing hard at that. Love the all natural pic. Definitely my favorite!

tine said...

george is so cute! can i trade you matey for her?

Willis Party of 5 said...

Okay, so in the last picture, her legs look like they are about to snap off frontwards?!?

The Lowe Family said...

yea i was about to say the same thing about her legs...that's wierd.

but wobbly legs aside, she's totally a hottie!

allison is rad. too bad she didn't win. i liked her the best too and i only know her from pictures online.

Safire said...

Boy that does sound...good. I guess. :) Cute top though!

Hillary said...

Watch out Peter!! You are definitely in for quite a ride when these girls "come of age." Gotta get your gun while you can.

An Wanna said...

Yeah I thought her legs looked weird til I saw the direction her feet were pointed then it didn't look scary.