Sunday, April 12, 2009

There and back again

All righty I know you all have been dying to hear about our trip so here goes ...

We left Friday at about 1:30 and the plan was to stop at MyZanne's house to sleep that night. Just before we got to St. George I realized that I had left my coat at home, no big deal I was going to see my family and they were bound to have a spare. Our stop in St. George was uneventful and we were back on our way. Cedar City is about 45 minutes north of St. George and we were about 20 minutes north of that when I heard a weird hissing noise. I was going 85 in the fast lane (you know how I drive) and asked the girls what they were doing they weren't doing anything and the noise was going away. As the noise stopped the car suddenly started thumping and I realized I had blown a tire. It was foggy, snowing and there were really big trucks all around me and I couldn't get across the highway in my crippled car so I pulled onto the shoulder, the wrong shoulder and made preparations to change the tire ... in my sandals ... and t-shirt with no coat.

This picture was taken just south of where I blew the tire, this weather was better.

I had finished unpacking the luggage had the spare out from under the car and was about to start jacking up Bunso when a tan sedan pulled up behind me. Out stepped a wonderful sweet man who rescued me from the task in the very cold snow. He directed me to talk to his wife who helped him call ahead to a tire place in Beaver to let them know I was coming and to be nice. She noticed my jacketless state and pulled a coat out of her trunk and gave it to me, for keeps. He changed the tire, put everything back and as he was finishing up a Utah Highway Patrol pulled up to see what was going on. The wonderful couple knew the guy, explained what was going on and the trooper helped me get back on to the high way. I hobbled the 40 some miles to Beaver and as I pulled into the gas station and looked around for somewhere to park the seemingly deserted tire place came to life. They threw up the door, waved me in, helped me unload the girls, had us wait in the warm office and changed my tires (the other back tire was just as old as the one that blew) in a flash. The guys were really nice and the man that helped me in the snow even called the place while we were there to make sure I had made it and things were going well. Once I handed over my $320 dollars we grabbed some Burger King from the gas station next door and were zipping to Provo once again. I am still SO grateful to that couple for helping us, I would have had a much harder time getting the tire changed and finding someplace to fix it by myself.

We made it to Provo not much later than I had hoped and had a great time with MyZanne (who is having a BOY!!!). She took us to Kneaders for breakfast and I had the BEST french toast ever! When I go back again I will be sure to stop there for breakfast - YUM!

We left Provo and made it to Meridian without major incident and in really good time. We spent the evening at my mom's house, visited my step sister in law and Fred got a box of books my mom had been saving for her! In the morning we loaded the car up again, this time adding Moga and Nan too.

The trip to Kooskia is long but pretty most of the way and the girls continued to squeal every time they saw snow. We got to Kooskia, rested from the winding road, unloaded the top of the car and went to unload the inside only to find that Nan had left the keys in the car with Moga and I when she got out and my sweet Jr. the well trained city girl had locked the car when she got something out of it. I was seriously unimpressed but Nan and Robert (one of the people we were staying with) managed to unlock the door and retrieve the keys!

Monday the girls played in the snow and sledded. They loved collecting the colorful chickens eggs, thought miliking the cow was amazing, and had great fun romping in the great outdoors.

They regularly came in soaked and chilled to the bone but were happy to change pants, hanging the wet ones to dry, changed socks, and went back out again.

This was the view from our window, before the snow melted.

While we were there we got to do lots of "farm" things like make cheese. It was neat for the girls to see the whole process start to finish. Milk the cow, strain the milk, let it set, skim the cream, cook it, knead it, and then press it.

George was in heaven being back with Moga again. The fact that Matey was in tow made her laugh at first but she's very curious about her cousin and can't wait for him to come out!

Moga wasn't really jumping George just wanted some company on the tramp.

See you can't even tell she's preggo from the back!

One of the things George was set on doing was horse back riding. I figured she would see how big horses really were and would chicken out. One of the first things she did once we got there was march right up to a nice horse, Copper and patted his nose and assured him she'd be riding him before too long. She did and so did Jr. and Fred. It was definitely a major highlight of the trip!

I know you can't see her face but I LOVE this picture.

There were several dogs on the farm and George fell in love with Dewey. He endured being fed snow, being pelted by snow, and happily followed her when she called him.

Even shoveling snow is more fun at someone elses' house!

They sledded every moment that they could until the snow melted! They worked up enormous appitites and even my fussy George ate just about everything on her plate, everytime!

My Uncle Ed (who is 4 months older than Nan and a year younger than me) came out one afternoon for lunch with his wife and thier cute baby. The poor girl got her Daddy's ears, but I'm sure she'll grow into them. ;) Just before they took off my Grammy required that pictures be taken so here we are, picture one ... Grammy, Missy, Ed, Nan, Moga, Me, Maisy, George, Jr., and Fred. The second is obviously just the girls. My girls with ... my cousin.

Later that night right before we went to bed we took a couple of muliti generational shots and I love that my girls had such a fun chance to spend time with their Great Grammy!

Moga, Grammy, Nan, Me

George, Grammy, Jr. & Fred

All together!

We had a wonderful time and the girls are already asking when we can go back again! They had a blast playing outside with Luke (the boy that lives there) and doing all sorts of fun things they could never do here in the city!

Thanks again Robert, Cathy & Luke!!!


Kathy said...

It looks like you had fun, for the most part. I love that pic of Jr. on the horse. Great job. I am glad you made it back safe and sound (minus the tire and windshield incidents).

Numero Six said...

The one of JR. on the horse is almost identical to a Wrangler ad in Horse & Rider Magazine from a few months ago! Seeing that house brings back a ton of memories, like when I fell off Comet and had to walk back to the house a mile with a dislocated knee. Ah, Character-Building!

Anonymous said...

OK I know I am not skinny but those pics make me look like 10 times as big as everyone else put together and I am not that big!!!

Karen Valinda said...

Anonymous would like veto power over photos posted with her in them ;-} But then I am not sure we would ever get to see her smiling face!
Wish I could have been at the 'ranch' with my beautiful girls... and my mom! I could have wupped her at Upwords, ya know! NOW I have to call and tell her to go online and read this ;-Þ

The Lowe Family said...

uhmm...i hate snow.

uhmm...thats probably what made her baby come out.

uhmmm.........thats all.