Thursday, April 2, 2009

Coming up short

My time is gone. We leave tomorrow. I could take the stuff to finish the Easter dresses with me but the whole point of going on this trip is to spend time with my girls, not in someone's sewing room. On the way home from Subway night (fundraiser for school) I talked with the girls and said they could decide, I could take the stuff and finish the dresses or we could stop at the store and buy them something. All three were totally willing to find something at Macy's. I like what they picked even though Jr. had a fit initially when the dress she picked wasn't going to fit in with her sisters. Fred has a pink dress, Jr has a green dress and George has a pink and green "poka spot" dress, she is thrilled with the "poka spots". The dresses are very similar to each other. They will each get a white sweater to go with them and hopefully I can find those before Easter Sunday! We will get back Friday night so I'll have all day Saturday and Fred has a sweater already. I feel bad I didn't get the dresses done but I promised I will finish them for this summer.

I'm trying to get some meals done for ElCid to have while we are gone. Usually I just go to Sam's and get him a whole bunch of microwave foods but finding many of those that are gluten free is impossible. He has a box of chicken taqitos, 9 finished meals and I have more food cooking in the crockpot and oven to make up (hopefully) 7 more. He will have to fend for himself for breakfast, I'm leaving fruit, yogurt and granola bars behind for that.

I have the girls just about packed and my stuff won't be too hard to toss into a bag. The departure time I'm aiming for is 1:30 pm. Wish me luck!!!


Kathy said...

Good luck! I think the girls probably thought picking a dress "off the rack" was an adventure. Your kids are used to "gourmet" clothes so picking from the "salad bar" was probably super fun!

Emily said...

Wow! You need to teach me your tricks with making so many meals for while you're out of town. Nate is lucky if I leave cereal, milk, cheese, tortillas, burritos and frozen pizzas--not very healthy!

Safire said...

Have a great time! :)

PS- Juice got your card and laughed so hard! Thanks!