Friday, March 6, 2009

One Quick Trip!

After dropping kids off at school George and I zipped to St. George and spent 5 & 1/2 hours helping Kathy find her floors! I also broke her lazy susan in her corner cupboard and George wound up taking home a pile of stuff.

It was fun going to help her, we haven't been in 2 months, but I wish we could have stayed longer. If it weren't for Stake Conference ....

Now we're back home and I have to face my own messy house, why is it easier to clean up after someone elses' kids?


Anonymous said...

Because you didn't tell THEIR kids, a thousand times, to put THEIR things(1)away, (2)where they belong, (3)back where they found it, (1,340)up on the shelf as soon as they are done using it,(3.679)in their drawer, NOT on the floor... Plus, you get to work with another grownup usually when doing such projects!

Emily said...

You are so thoughtful--I'm sure Kathy loved having you there! Nate and I always joke about needing a "magic fairy" to come clean our house--I never knew they really existed!

Heidi said...

Can the "magic fairy" make a quick trip to AZ?

What a blessing you are!!!