Monday, March 16, 2009

A little bit about us

I got this off another friends facebook notes and since I love talking about my handsome man I thought I'd share.

1. When was your "engagement" anniversary: Thanksgiving weekend 1998 (when I got the ring) (We decided to get married Nov. 6 1998)
2. When is your "marriage" anniversary: Dec. 22 1998
3. How long have you known your spouse: since April 1998
4. How long did you court/date before you were engaged:2 1/2 months (when I got the ring)
5. Where did you meet your spouse for the first time: At church his new roommate was my home teacher
6. What is your spouses full name: Sorry, not on the internet :)
7. Do you have any children yet: Yes
8. How many:3
9. Do you have any house pets: No, we have 3 kids...well we had fish but they all finally died and I cleaned, drained and stored the tank before he could bring home more to his sad girls.
10. Do you own a house or rent: own
11. Do you live in the country or town/city: City
12. What is one of your favorite activities together: :) I'll leave that to the imagination & browsing at Borders
13. Do you have a favorite vacation spot: someplace with no kids, dishes or other responsibilities
14. How many siblings (including in-laws): 23
15. What church do you attend:The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
16. Is this the church you were married in: Yes, Seattle Washington Temple
17. What town is your current address: Las Vegas, NV
18. Do you work or stay at home: work at home
19. Where did you honeymoon: Victoria BC
20. Leave a Piece of Marriage Advice: Let it go, and when he does it again tomorrow let it go then too, and the day after that and the day after that...

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The Lowe Family said...

i like ur marriage advice. maybe i should learn from that. i like dragging things out for the drama.