Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Makin' Copies

Today as Mommy Helper I made, to quote George " a millions of copies".

She was able to hang out in Jr's class so she wasn't whining at me the entire time. She also got to go to an assembly. She feels very grown up when she gets to do things like that.

It's probably sad to say but I've finally mastered the copy machines at school and can get them to do what I want the first time around, nearly every time. I still can't get them unjammed but I guess that will have to wait for next year.

We finished the copies and helping with sight words in Jr's class just as Barbie's class was headed out to recess so George and I were able to hang out there for a couple minutes. She is dying to be in Kindergarten so much! Chatting with Barbie is always fun, and George likes the snacks that go with recess.

Now we're home, lunch is done and I'm working on Millie dresses, no really I am.

***Remember, tomorrow is the Talent Show - 6pm at school.***
If you can't make it you'd better hope I get good video of it,
you'll be missing a great show!


Kathy said...

Wah, Wah! I wish it were on Friday!

Not Steve said...

YAY! I love winning things : ) you girls were awesome and you looked fantastic too!