Friday, January 23, 2009

It's about time!!!

Macy's finally had a real sale today! I saved $380. I spent less than half of that too!

What did Fred's haul include? 4 pairs jeans (org. $36- $59 each) 3 pairs panties so she stops trying to cram herself into her sisters size 6's (org. $4 each) , 3 sets pj's , something she really needs longer versions of (org. $30 each), 2 shirts (org $24 & $36 ), 2 pairs capri leggings (org. $14 & $16) and 2 dresses, we fight every Sunday over her clothes (org. $76 & $62). There was another shirt she loved but it was still $21.50 and I was so not going there!

Jr. got a dress, casual for school, (org. $36).

George got a pair of duckie pj's, still seriously expensive at $16 (1/2 off) but she is the spoiled baby and I got them a size big.

We also stopped at Gymboree which wasn't having quite as good of a sale but they had okay prices on leggings, panties, socks and tights so we grabbed a couple of those.

These clothes better last because I'm out of money now!


redheadsmom said...

I am cutting and pasting your comment on George so that when she is a teenager and you call me and say, "What happened?" I will refer you to directly to that quote. :)

Safire said...

Nice! You got some great stuff!

The Lowe Family said...

holy smokes woman!!! thats awesome. but you didn't tell us the REAL price comapred to the orignial...i'm curious@!!!!

Karen Valinda said...

I am out of money without making such an impressive haul! Yeah for Fred ~ and future hand me downs ;-} xoxoxox