Saturday, January 3, 2009

I Quit!!!!

I feel like everything is caving in at once!

My microwave turns on and pretends to cook but it's not it's just taking the food on a ride around the turntable. This has been going on for a few weeks now and I keep hoping it will snap out of it but it hasn't yet.

My dryer runs indefinitely. It has a "more dry" setting that is supposed to sense when the clothes are getting dry and then all the way dry and then it shuts off. Yeah, it will dry clothes for 6 hours if you let it.

ElCid's sink in our bathroom has been majorly clogged all week. It's done this on and off for so long that we kept a Sam's Club size bottle of Drano under that sink. We plunge it Drano it and it slowly drains for a month and then we repeat the process. Today after being hand scooped for a week to clear the water we plunged it and it drained. ElCid declared a victory I was not so convinced so I took it apart, (a nasty hair/gel/soap scum blob the size of a dead mouse fell out) including the little plunger thing. The 20 year old screw cap thing on the back of the pipe broke on the way off so I had to go find a new one but they don't sell just that part, you have to buy a whole new piece. NOT HAPPY BOB. To get the old piece off we had to go buy a huge crescent wrench because the handy dandy tight places wrench the guy sold me wouldn't fit on the old pipe.

While all this fun and excitement was going on I checked the mail and my water bill was there with a bit of fear and trepidation (remember the other pipe break) I opened it up ... $118!!!!!! I burst into tears, I really honestly did, ask Kathy she was on the phone with me. That is $103 more than last month.

I'm also trying to make ElCid's birthday cake. I make him home made cheesecake every year, the kind you cook in the oven. It has been a major fiasco, including two small fires. No really. I have no idea if the cake will even be edible at this point! I guess we'll find out tomorrow.

I've had a headache and a runny nose all day long and I'm so ready for this whole day to just end! Home ownership is highly overrated I'm convinced.


Karen Valinda said...

Le and I went to the temple today and I put your name on the prayer roll at 10 am our time... hope it helps! xoxoxox

Safire said...

*hugs* Sorry!

The Lowe Family said...

hang in there dude!!! things are always the worst before they become the best!!!

redheadsmom said...

That truly sucks, and yes I will verify your story even if you used my real name and not my blogging name.

Also, don't hit me, I loved that you said NOT HAPPY BOB!

Hope everything gets better, fingers definitely crossed!

Hillary said...

Soooo not fair. But no quitting. We really like having you around! :)

Karen Valinda said...

Your fan base obviously loves you and is willing to support you... can't leave 'em hanging!

To echo the sentiment~ we NEED you!

Linda said...

Oh my....what a day....Hope tomorrow is much better!!! Know that you are hugged and loved.

Linda said...

OK, I just have to say least you don't have a NEW DOG at your house!!!!