Thursday, January 15, 2009

Does not play well with others

This morning George and I headed off early on our bike ride so that maybe possibly we would catch the weekly Ward play date at the park. It's not the usual park we go to it's a little bit further. I've never managed to make it to the right park on the right day at the right time (it's a long story) but today I was sure I had it all right and we made it to the park in good time. I didn't tell her there might be a chance of friends showing up so when we got there and there wasn't anybody else she was happy to play tag, hide and seek and swings with me.

After a while a friend of mine showed up with her kids and George was ready to be done. She didn't want to share the huge playground with anybody else. I wasn't quite ready so I forced her to play with the other kids. About 4 other families showed up and George was okay and having fun but kept being pouty. Finally George came screaming over and announced it was time to go because that kid was chasing her and she didn't like it. The kid in question isn't quite one and a half and was just wandering in her direction.

Next year is going to be a very long year I can tell already.

I found out at the park today that my house is no longer going to be zoned for mega ghetto school. The school it will be zoned for is okay from what I hear but I think I'm just going to leave my kids where they are. I love the teachers, the programs and the Principal. I all ready know how things work and how to get what I need my kids to have. What would you do?


Safire said...

The bike ride sounds like heaven! It's very cold here...take your breath away cold. And a tiny bit of snow this morning.

I would leave the girls in the school they are in. It works. It's good. Why bother it?

The Lowe Family said...

if ur happy i'd stay, totally. my school is being rezoned too and i'm NOT happy so i'm praying that we get moved to somewhere else.

Hillary said...

I wouldn't put myself through the headache of changing if there wasn't huge advantages for doing so. (or disadvantages for leaving them where they are.) And you are investing tons into that school by being PTSO president.

Good for you for going to park day. You are killing me with all your miles!

Emily said...
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Emily said...

That story about George was hilarious!

I think you should keep your kids where they are. You know the teachers, the teachers know you, everyone's one big happy family!

P.S. I loved parents like you when I was teaching! Good Job!