Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Something fun!

The Mermaid dresses were approved so once I vacuum out my serger I'm moving on to something fun for my kids...Christmas dresses! I'm going to try something a bit different for each of them just the same fabric.

The first picture is closer to the actual color the second gives a better look at the embroidery.

Fred is going to have a sheath dress out of the burgundy poly taffeta fabric with a long sleeved coat, about the same length as the dress out of the burgundy embroidered in gold.

Now you can see why I'm a fabric artist and not a pen and paper artist

George is going to have the yoke (possibly a gold ribbon in the middle) and sleeves in plain burgundy the bodice and an over skirt in the embroidered burgundy. I think I'm going to ruche the embroidered over skirt up in a few places (think Belle) so the plain burgundy underskirt will show through.

Jr. is going to have ... well I'm still deciding on her dress, she'll probably be last so I can see how to fit her in the middle...

I'll keep you all posted as things get done, I know you're just as curious to see how they will turn out as I am!


Sandra said...

Pretty. Can't wait to see them!

Susan said...

I love it. That sounds really great. I wish I had your creativity.

Anonymous said...

just another reason why i need to learn how to sew. okay so...where have i been?