Thursday, December 18, 2008

Snow Day???

For the first time since 1979 CCSD has called a snow day.

"No school today due to bad weather

Thursday December 18, 2008 - General

Due to weather conditions and for the safety of students, all Clark County School District schools will be closed today. Students should not report to campus. All administrators, 12-month employees, and office staff should report to work as usual. Teachers, other classroom employees and bus drivers are not expected to report to work since a makeup day may be scheduled later in the year. All school-based Food Service personnel, Food Service truck drivers and warehouse employees are not to report for work. However, all other Food Service personnel shall report for work or contact their supervisor."

There is a tiny bit of snow on my roof. There are a couple of palm size spots throughout my yard but mostly it's all wet and muddy.

So why has there been a snow day called? Well because it's the Clark County School District. Yes, the ENTIRE county is one district. Our school district is the 5th or 6th largest in the country. How big is Clark county? I Googled it "The county is about the size of the state of Massachusetts" 8091 sq. miles. Also 60% of the state's population lives here, about 2 million people. Here it is on a map.

We're sort of in the middle to the left and above the curve. While we don't have much snow Henderson has upwards of 5 inches. Mt. Charleston has 11+. I-15 to California is closed. The roads here are fine, that is not the case elsewhere in our humongous school district.

So my kids will be finishing their homework and they will start packing for The Wedding this weekend. It's supposed to be 41 degrees by this afternoon and all the snow will be melting, the news thinks it will be gone for good this time.


Safire said...

Wow, that's a HUGE county! And amazing that I-15 is closed. I miss snow!

redheadsmom said...

At least we had real snow!