Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Not Again!!!

Yesterday morning both ElCid and I noticed that the water pressure in our house was a little bit low. It ran but only at about half to 3/4 of normal. We looked up online what things to check and I looked around but didn't see anything and was super busy so I admit I didn't look as hard as I could have.

As I left the house yesterday to take George to dance class I noticed water coming off my yard a LOT of water but in the dark, in a hurry and in the rain/slush/snow I couldn't tell if it was coming off my yard or out of my yard.

Last night as we went to bed ElCid heard water running somewhere but couldn't find it so we figured we'd start over again today.

This morning I drove carpool because other mom had her parent teacher conference today really early. I accidentally turned the wrong way out of our street and saw for sure (still in a hurry but no rain or dark) water pouring out of the yard. As I made a U turn I called ElCid who was luckily still home and let him know where the problem was. (I don't have a picture of this.)

I got back from dropping kids off, he had all ready turned the water off and was getting the water out of the hole. The broken pipe is under that really green clump of grass. Next to the clump is actually a 9 inch deep hole full of water. That hole has always been there we don't know why.This time we got lucky. It was about 4 inches down and the pipe can be cut and capped. ElCid is pretty sure he can do it himself. The broken pipe is the middle one. The cap came out of the ground separately.

We have no idea where the pipe goes or what it does because it just ends where the original bad cap job fell off. The pipe next to it with the joint also had no cap but wasn't leaking water.

On a random side note when ElCid was digging he found this piece of pipe just in the ground not attached to anything.
Because of all the fun and excitement of spending more time helping in our yard I've decided to buy Fred's dress for the wedding. No she won't match anyone and at this point I just can't care anymore.

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