Friday, December 5, 2008

A Good Mail Day

Usually all I get in the post in ads, junk mail/credit card offers, and bills.

Today I got a bill but it was a happy thing. Remember my $75 water bill? It's back to normal!!! $15.74!!!! Yay!

Remember on my home from visiting my Grandma I got sick and I had to go to Urgent Care in St. George? Well they sent 5 bills all with different amounts so I finally paid what I thought was the last one but no a 6th one came for a lot less than the one I paid. The refund came today! Wil, Her Guy, Anwanna, Moga and Drox this means I can now go buy your Christmas presents!!!

I also got some fun catalogs, my favorite kind of junk mail and another great part of the holidays. :)


The Lowe Family said...

oh i love free money!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah for reasonable water bills!!!

hookoppu, seriously...

Beki said...

$15.74 for a HOUSE in Las Vegas with 5 people when it's like $35 for an APARTMENT in Austin with 2????? There's something horribly wrong here. *sigh*

Anwanna said...

Yeah seriously you live in a DESSERT! I lived in Bellingham, my front yard was a stupid swamp/bog whatever you want to lable it & my water bill was $50 a month (it was unlimited) but why would WA have more expensive water? I was less than a mile from the bay!