Monday, December 29, 2008

George's Butterfly Room

One down, one to go and then I have to clean out the rest of the house where all the stuff landed.

Please do not judge too harshly the before pictures, I hadn't cleaned their rooms in a month. Yes, it is amazing they never killed themselves with all that junk on the floor. No, that isn't even 1/4 of all the clothes they own.

Okay, (deep breath) here goes the before and after. These pictures were taken from the same view in the same room, believe it or not.

There isn't an after from this view there isn't anything to see now!

I decided to put her back in a toddler bed to conserve on space, she should be able to sleep in it for another 2 years. Jr was just barely too big to fit in it.

All of her babies and "friends" now live in the white closet. That light on top is the only one in the room. They sell a matching floor lamp at T@rget I might go see how much $$$ it is and put it in the other corner.

She has all her duckies in a bed of their own at the foot of her bed, that was all her idea. (She takes after her Uncle Juice ;)

She was very happily setting out tea for her other ducks and was ecstatic that other girls wouldn't break or lose her glass dishes.

And she of course had to model Optimus Prime

Wish me luck on the next one, it's an even bigger project! Yikes!!


Safire said...

Uncle Juice says he loves the ducks and would play tea party with George and not break her dishes. ;)

redheadsmom said...

Okay the before pictures weren't too bad! The after pictures are wonderful! Good Job.

Le said...

How come Beth gets her own room? I never had my own room when I was 4. Heck I was never given my own room til you left. Poor sad adopted LeAnna sleeping in the kitchen just to have her own room to get away from her mean big sister...

creeks wife said...

It looks really good. I felt a little confused I guess I thought the oldest was getting her own room. Either way they will probably all end up in the same room during the day anyway.

Karen Valinda said...

If Fred had her own room it would put Jr, a school girl, in with George, a preschooler... this way the school girls are together and maybe George will impact their sleep less and sleep longer herself? Just a guess ;-}
In an hour I'm off to babysit the 6 local grandkids ~ be back next year!


Karen Valinda said...

PLUS, George has the smaller room.
And that is a hard deal with so many duckies! And THEY get the TV ;-Þ

Anxious to see the former play room turn into a bedroom with plenty of closet space for growing girls... and wardrobes!!! xoxoxox