Friday, November 21, 2008

Twilight - The Movie

Even though it was Oregon and not really Washington I want to go home!!!I want green trees, and green rocks and large bodies of frigid water...

I can like it

Things are time compressed and out of order, they changed a good bit

They removed one of the scenes that had bothered me in previews

Watch for the imagery

Watch for the cameo, a bit cheesy and only half of us got it

It was fun to see it with the "die hard" fans who responded to everything with laughter, oohhs, awwws and cheers

Jacob reminds me of someone I know

I like Edward better on the screen than in all the posters and such, but... eh he's a human what can you expect?

They left it wide open for the future

I want to go home...but I'll settle for a few hours of sleep for now


Anonymous said...

I'll have to let SJSK know that it seems you liked it... she has tickets for tomorrow, even asked if I would like to go - I declined. Don't you love the people who are willing to wait til it gets to the 'dollar' movie, or on DVD !?!

Zanne said...

My students reported that the local movie theaters are sold out for the next 2 weeks. Most of them liked it, although one boy didn't. However, the Scera usually still has tickets because a lot of teenagers don't know about it. So, if they aren't sold out, maybe I will go see it tomorrow.

Hillary said...

OK so no spoilers. Enjoy my Twilight post.