Thursday, November 27, 2008

Happy Thanksgiviny!!

Macy's Parade
Muffins & Cocoa for Breakfast
Cook fun food
Watch Football
McDonald's for lunch (I asked ElCid to find food for the girls)
Still cooking
Watch A Muppet's Christmas Carol
Finished cooking
Dinner and conversation
Read a book
Playing Wii

Good times to be had by all, my ride for shopping will be here at 2:15 am, more later!

My super fun background was designed by Sandra, I LOVE presents, thanks!


Sandra said...

Yay! Looks awesome.

I'm jealous - I really want to do my own Thanksgiving one of these years! I did make fantastic lemon merengue pie. I'm a achin' for some bastin'!

Safire said...

Cute! Looks great. Seems like you had a nice thanksgiving too. Hope you got some great deals today!

The Lowe Family said...

I love it!! It sounds super fun, especially the cocoa part, i love hot chocolate!!!