Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Pipe Saga

Since I know you're all dying to see the mess that was my life on Tuesday and Wednesday here are the pictures, and the super fun story that goes with them!!

This was the first evidence of trouble that ElCid found
This was directly under the weed barrier what your looking at is in the center of the picture it's a little tiny natural spring bubbling up in my yard

Poor Elcid had to hack through about 10 inches of tree roots and clay before he could continue with the digging

Fred, Jr & George were very interested in the whole process. George built a mud snow man to keep her daddy company.

At one point we turned the water back on to see if we were still digging in the right direction. ElCid was off slightly the pipe is in that light brown puddle.
For all of you who don't know ElCid is 6'1" and he doesn't have short legs, this hole was over 3 feet deep.

Hey Look! It's a pipe!!With water shooting out of it!!

Here's a close up, look it's all my money soaking into the ground!!
If you click on this picture you can totally see the water.

Lucky for us ElCid knows the right people and we got the pipe fixed.
I'm just not excited because if it happened once it could happen again, our house (like me) isn't getting any younger!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the next time it won't be UNDER the house somewhere!!!!


Hillary said...

The mud snowman is my favorite. Good job George!

Karen Valinda said...

Nice picture of ElCid!

Heidi said...

Don't you love owning a home!!! So many exciting ways to spend your money! Congratulations on the fix! Way to be such great sleuths and for keeping El Cid in shape! Love ya!

The Lowe Family said...

yuck...that sux