Sunday, October 5, 2008

Party Pics!

Since I did make my blog readers my important thing of the day I will bow to your requests of party info!

First Jr's Slumber Party. It was so cute and so fun!!! Jr's favorite grown-up in all the world (her K teacher) came in her matching pj's to Jr's I made her, she is the best sport EVER!! Her friends had a blast with do your own make-up and hair. (Look Lyndsay it's my Brian Williams shirt)

Nails were polished, bags were decorated, treasures were found, popcorn, pizza, snacks, cake and ice cream were eaten at hideously LATE hours of the night and the girls enjoyed the movie. They also like playing in the playroom too. :)

The next morning I did my best to sleep in and then Flo and I went shopping for something for me to wear to my party. Ross turned out to be just the place we were looking for and I got a grown-up, slimming, chic outfit with some awesome heels for less than $50!!
They are about 5-5.5 inches tall depending on where you start the measurement. I didn't fall once and only nearly slipped twice, I was very proud of myself. :) FYI These are my shoes for the wedding in Dec.

Cheesecake Factory was yummy as usual but our server left something to be desired big time, I have written them a nice little email about that! As a happy surprise bonus I got some very generous gift cards that came with strict instructions that I'm to spend the money on myself and NOT my kids. :)

When we came out of the restaurant it had rained at the wind was cold I LOVED it!!!!The movie we planned to see originally was no longer playing at the theater by my house so Flo suggested Nights in Rodanthe instead...yeah I'm still not sure it was a good pick. The movie was okay I'm just not sure I wanted to start my 30's depressed!

I've received lots of great phone calls. voice mails and text messages today and it's been a very welcome vacation from making meals and dealing with whiny children. I did however take it upon myself to wash out George's mouth with soap the 2 times she chose to shout at her dad she HATED him.


redheadsmom said...

2 times? I missed one! Thanks again for having us, it was super fun. I loved helping you bring in the thirties with a bang.

Mama P said...

Happy birthday to u, Happy birthday to u, Happy birthday dear VALINDA, Happy birthday to u! That was me singing it since I missed it. Looks like u guys had fun.

Safire said...

They both look like very fun parties!

And some very tall shoes...

redheadsmom said...

Hey it's seven! What's the deal?

Hillary said...

Happy Happy Birthday! Love the shoes. You look AMAZING too! Are you wearing the black dress for the wedding as well? I'm glad to hear both parties were a HUGE success. Which ones should I use for the birthday page on the calendar?

The Lowe Family said...

i wanna know more about this server and what he did, i'm confused.

okay jr's teacher is a freakin barbie, she's gorgeous! u need to slap a princess dress on that woman and make some big bucks!