Saturday, October 4, 2008


****Girls Night Out!!!!****

This is July 1980
Yes, I was born with those eyebrows.

One, one last day until I'm 30. I'm finally here and there's nothing I can do about it. Why is it that I don't want to be 30? I have no clue really. It's not that I'm trendy and most people don't want to be 30 so neither do I. I've really enjoyed being 20 something. My whole life finally happened when I was 20 something. I know that's a relatively common phenomenon.

30 is obviously a whole new decade but it's also a whole new era of my life. No more babies (YAY!!!), all my kids in school (YAY!!!), I can rent a car on my own, I won't be carded for NyQuil anymore (or maybe I will), I don't know what to expect out of 30 I guess.

We own a house, there are lots of improvements to be made. My car will be paid off soon, and will promptly begin to fall apart (that just to be expected). My kids are groing up and branching out, more driving and a busier schedule.

I guess I'm afraid of turning into a boring PTA Mom. When I was 20ish I could at least pretend I was still cool!

Oh yeah that important thing of the day....hmmm. I guess I'll make it being "cool". You know when people want to hang out with you, go to dinner with you, call you just to talk, go shopping with you. All that. It's important to me that I'm a fun, likable person. Not a boring, PTA mom kind of person.


The Lowe Family said...

well i don't know how much MY impression means to you but 'I' think your cool! cool enough to almost share my birthday.

Katie Gubler said...

30's are so much better than 20's!!!!! Welcome to the best decade :)