Sunday, September 7, 2008


In Tea server get-up October '06

Today the thing on my list is Jr. (I promise the whole list won't be this predictable). My Little Love with her huge brown eyes and tender heart.She still holds the record for being my smallest baby at 5lbs. 2 oz. She was in the NCIU for a week and that is one of the main reasons she still gets away with murder today. Jr. is always making sure others around her are happy and comfortable. When she's tired her left eye gets droopy, and she whines like you can not believe. Lovey is going to make a fabulous mom and her house will always be cleaner (or have more clutter) than mine is now!

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The Lowe Family said...

look at you all dolled up with makeup and all! you look fabulous! not a day older than...30? hehehehehe