Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Ack! Some moments this month is whizzing by!!

This is a picture of my hair being done for Preference in the Fall of 97
MyZanne did it and it took hours she's such a dedicated hairdresser!

All right important thing today...My debit Card! My extra kid's mom reminded me how important this was to me because her renewal card is still in the mail. Ahhh! Two weeks without money???? I'm sure like most people my age this little piece of plastic is my whole money life.

I only use checks for 3 or 4 bills most of them are paid electronically with...my debit card. I rarely ever have cash on hand because I always have ...my debit card!

I have learned the hard way a few times that I should have a back-up way to pay if the machines are out of order or if for some reason my debit card was left in another pair of pants but I rarely remember to do that.

ElCid doesn't like for me to have Credit Cards for good reason but my debit card ought to be tattooed right onto my arm!

When the world explodes and all the computers crash I'm still going to hang onto my debit card simply for peace of mind. :)


Karen Valinda said...

Zanne has patience! The results are amazing.

debit cards really are the basis of modern commerce... even I (an old fogey) seldom have cash anymore.


Safire said...

I have a love/hate relationship with my debit card. I love to use it, hate to know that I don't have money on it. ;)

The Lowe Family said...

i'm the same way, i NEVER have cash, my debit card is my lifeline. my kids even ask for my debit card when they see a gumball machine...crazy huh?

Mama P said...

Yes.... my Debit Card is the same way for me.... so only 19 days left huh?