Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Well maybe I'll have to try some reading...

Today Fred got to go to the city council meeting where the school was recognized for their outstanding achievement in reading.

The principal said she would color her hair pink if they read 5,000 books.

The council man over our area said he would let the kids color his hair pink if they read 10,000 books. He showed the footage of himself getting his hair "pinked" via gel a month ago, and he wore a pink bob style wig at the meeting.

The kids goal for next year is 35,000 books and then the principal and the councilman will have a donkey race by the school.

I taped the presentation for Fred and while George was watching it she mused that to see a donkey race she would try to do some reading. I was happy to hear that because she isn't very interested in reading most days!

The City Council Declared Aug. 6th as E.J. May Go Pink Day. Fred was invited because she made it to step 5 (the highest level) in the accelerated reader program.

Yay! for Reading!!!


Caplins said...

Way to go all you fabulous women! All that reading is wonderful. If I read will they count mine too? Love ya Grandma G

Mama P said...

That is awsome . I didn't know that!!! You gotta share these things instead of always keeping them to your self...hahaha

Zanne said...

What an interesting post to read after I spent all day doing literacy training. I learned today that reading is the answer, no matter what the question is!!! The district literacy person is pretty fun, and we were given a list of books that are must reads. There is a new book out by Avi that I need to read, a ghost story. So, I am ready to recommend books now. :P

Only negative part of this training is that it kills two birds with one stone...but I already killed one of those birds and have the the idea of repeating assignments and activities I already did in college is not very appealing. (Since my district is in partnership with my alma mater, they really are the SAME assignments.)