Saturday, August 16, 2008

Vegas Vacation

Friday the girls and I took Aunt Moga with the yellow hair and her guy to see the Strip. It was the first time the girls had seen it from closer than the freeway, it was a riot! They were claiming different hotels as "thiers" and were excited and chatted with each other about everything.

Moga made the comment that you'd never know they lived here and I said "They don't! They live in the real world" ;).

Jr. and George had the camera most of the time and got lots of great shots in.

The Bellagio gardens had an Americana theme this month

I borrowed it a couple of times and got a pic of the 3 of them.

Making wishes in Paris

A very cool chandelier in the Planet Hollywood
The reflection of the chandelier in the floor

A light? in the Miracle Mile shops

Leave it to Jr. to find rocks on The Strip

They wanted EVERYTHING in the M&M store,
they made a picture wish list
Jr had the camera that's why there is so much blue!
Some of the sights along our walk

While we did get a picture of the Statue of Liberty we didn't get a picture of the tribute at her feet. Just after September 11th an impromptu memorial started appearing on the fence around the Statue with donations from all around the world. They cataloged the stuff, and have glass cases where they put it on to display. I saw the original stuff when it was still on the fence and it is still very moving.

Our tourists

They did really well for walking 2 miles in 104 degree heat! I had water for them and we stopped for an ice cream break. As we approached the Bellagio Jr. asked if we could be done because this had been a very good workout! They waited hot sweaty and red faced for the fountain show and Moga's guy shared ice from his water bottle with them. Fred & Jr. liked the show but George thought it was scary and very much NOT worth the wait.

Tomorrow I have to get to work on tons of PTSO stuff and then they start school on the 25th!!


Mama P said...

WOW...Kudos to the girls . That is a long way for kids. It sounds like u had fun time.

Karen Valinda said...

Did your tourists remark as to how Vegas compares to Tunisia? Or Malta?

My grand daughters can out walk me everyday! Forget the heat and dehydration ;-}