Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Garage Door Opener!

My house was built in 1980. The garage door it seems was installed a few years later. When we moved in there was no remote for the roll-up door. I combed the internet found a compatible replacement and bought a pair of remotes. One broke after several years of use, so I grabbed the other one and used it until ELCID broke it last week when I was out of town. It broke the same way the first one did so it wasn't really his fault but the girls are convinced it is. It took me two days of running back and forth every time I left my house to order new remotes. They were 17.95 each and hopefully will arrive soon. I think this time I will get a bit smarter and when one breaks and I get out the other I'll order a new one so I won't be stuck in this predicament again!


Safire said...

I love internet shopping. You can find anything on the internet!

Mama P said...

So how did they break?....:)