Thursday, June 5, 2008

Summer Fun!

Last night was Beauty and the Beast. It was fantastic! I'm beginning to know more and more people in these productions and it's fun to see them in very different situations.

The girls LOVED the show even though it was super windy and a bit chilly. Had there been no wind it would have been fine but the combination made for an adventure. George was in heaven and at the end she even talked to Belle! I forgot my real camera and my phone doesn't have flash so I'm very bummed.

Today we were supposed to meet some friends from church at a park at 10 but I either had the wrong park (twice) or something happened. The girls had fun at both places and we're off to go swimming in my extra kids pool in 20 minutes.

It's definitely summer and the fun is on!


The Lowes said...

VALINDA!!!!!!! you terd ball...i got your secret gift today and was COMPLETELY surprised!! You totally did NOT have to do that. You are SO precious! Thank you SO much, I love GAP and can't wait to go use it! What a wonderful little person you *hug*

Karen Valinda said...

xtra kid has a NICE pool! Do a lap for JE and I, please ;-}