Monday, June 30, 2008

The Spoils of War

While Wil was in Tunisia Moga and I helped her send in grad school applications, we called banks and impersonated her, sent her big boxes of real food and were all around great sisters. :)

Today my box of payback came in the post. There were treats of several sorts I was promised are edible, and some Harissa I'm sure ElCid will love. There was sand from Tunisia (Carthage) and Malta, I have a collection. There were also some very cute shoes (they fit great), a book (for Fred), some seashells (for Jr.) and a camel! "A Camel?!?! How did my Aunt Tami with the yellow hair know I always needed a Camel!?!?!" He is George's new friend for Quackly and is a big hit!
Thanks Aunt Tami with the yellow hair and her guy!


The Lowes said...

I swear you have the sweetest little girlies. All of their faces are so cute I just wanna pinch em!!

redheadsmom said...

hey I am not witchy! I just have a candid personality

Sandra said...

Yay! Presents in the mail. Those are the best. Foreign presents, even better.

Hey, I like sharable remarks, by the way ;)

Wil said...

I missed this before somehow! You made a comment about your Tunisia treats, so I figure you must've mentioned them before. Cool! It looks like way more than I remember sending. I am proud. And you'll have to add your last present (or is it plural? I forget.) Once we bring it to you. Thanks again!