Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Wii Fit - not legal for trade

I wasn't able to order it online before they all sold out but that's okay I found it on my 3rd try today! They didn't have it at "my" Target or Toys R Us (not a surprise at all) but once I got home I was talking to Flo who was at Costco in St.George and they had it there.

I just have a Sam's card so I decided to hunt here some more. I got onto Target .com and you can search for an item by avaliablity in the store. Sure enough my Target was listed as out of stock but there were 3 within 6 miles of me that said it was available. I called the first one on the list and yep they had it! So I stuck George and Jr in the car and we ran and got it. The store had like 6 just sitting there, not even locked up. It's a pretty big item you would be hard pressed to sneak it out of the store.

George and Jr finished up Barbie Swan Lake and then I set up my new toy!! It's actually a work out! That's what I read online but a video game that gets your heart going was something I had to see for myself! I totally kicked butt at the Yoga, no big surprise there but being told by a video game that I'm a couch potato when it comes to strength training does bruise the ego!

Jr took a crack at it and is very good at the ski jump game. Fred had a turn and totally rocked the Hula Hoop and when George took her turn she was a very confident player and estatic when she received the high score (on a game no one else had played yet).

Here are some of our accomplishments - Fred caught four Hula Hoops, Jr jumped 216m on the ski jump and George got 47 points in the step aerobics program. I got yoga master on the warrior pose.

Here are some of the funny things we've learned. If you run too fast in the jogging session you trip head over heels. In the soccer game they kick shoes and mascot heads at you that you have to duck and weave around as well as the balls you're supposed to hit.

My BMI is a little bit high ("Hey, why do you start out fat?" Thanks Jr.) Fred and Jr. are normal and George is low.

I did my half hour of exercise today and I'll probably do some more once I can reclaim my toy!

BTW the not legal for trade is written on the bottom because it's a scale.


remom said...

So is the ski jump part of the "fit" ? I thought it would just be "exercise" like we ain't fonda jane or some such... makes sense it would be all sorts of sports one has to be fit to play!

leaving for work, I love my champions best ! ! ! xoxoxox

Safire said...

This alone is worth buying a Wii...Juice would be so happy! :)

Sandra Huntsman said...

I'm SO jealous! If I lived closer, I would totally have Fit hour at your house every day. But, alas, I have been banished to the other side of the tracks. Sigh.

The Lowes said...

i've heard about this fun game/workout. i'm wanting to try it myself seeing as i have found myself in a state of extra poundage.

Ken Hanscom said...

I found the not legal for trade sticker to be hilarious as well when I found out the real source of it!