Monday, April 21, 2008

Welcome to Pixie Hollow

I have been chastened for not putting up the post about Fred's party sooner, so here it is!

As guests arrived they got their faces painted and they decorated wings and wands.
Once everybody was done we did our crafts. The all powerful D*sney had decided there are 4 kinds of fairies, water, sparkle, animal and garden.
For the water fairy we made sno globes. Each girl got to color a fairy printed on shrinky dinks and pick her color of glitter. Once they got baked we assembled the baby food jars, and we put trim around the lids for cute. ( I really hope the oil doesn't leak on anybody!)

For the sparkle fairy the girls decorated pink, blue, and purple foamie sunglasses with foamie stickers and gems.
For the garden fairy they decorated little flower pot kits we bought at Target. Those were also decorated with the foamies and gems. The kits had a little soil pellet and seeds.

For the animal fairy each girl made a pom pom animal. They got to pick between a squirrel, polar bear, duck or bunny.

The cake was a fairy meadow and one corner of the cake was dedicated to each fariy. Tink was in the middle.

She got a lot of $$ and books. The $$ is supposed to be for clothes but it might turn out to be for an MP3 player instead. She also got a really big littlest pet shop house and a very cool shirt.
As always her party was a blast and a big success! Now on to her next party, my project for work this week is her dress. That's it, it will get done!


The Lowes said...

Looks like fun and I LOVE the cake. It looks yummy. That grass is so fun and delicious looking. You did great!! And YES, you should be chastised for not posting sooner when I posted only mere HOURS after the party...haha

redheadsmom said...

What a cool party!

Zanne said...

What a cool cake! Fred looks like she had a lot of fun.