Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Aunt Moga - all 3 of her

I have 3 sisters Nan, Wil and Moga.

As I've mentioned before my kids call all of them Aunt Moga. There is the original then there is "mean Aunt Moga", Nan and then there is "Aunt Moga with the yellow hair" Wil the one in Tunisia.

She just posted new pictures on her blog and I was showing them to Jr and discussing them and George overheard us saying she was coming this summer. Since Jr. also called her Aunt Moga, George came racing over all excited Aunt Moga was coming home to her. I had to crush her little feeling that no it wasn't Moga it was going to be Wil.

There is however an improvement in their ability to tell my sisters apart. Mean Aunt Moga never confused them but the other 2 in pictures was harder. When George saw the pictures today she knew right off that wasn't her Moga. They did ask who the guy was and when I said her husband - Uncle Dan they were like...oh yeah ... right...Uncle Dan...They've only met him once so you can't really blame them but we do talk about them!

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