Wednesday, February 6, 2008

My Netflix pick of the week

So this week I picked something that I hadn't seen before (I don't think) but was certain to produce a lot of nostalgia. I got Sesame Street Season 1 (disc 1). It's from 1969. Here are some fun facts

Sesame Street was brought to you by the #'s 2 & 3 and the letters W, S & E

Gordon had HAIR (a Fro)

Susan was wearing a dress that very much resembled a tunic of today.

I swear Bob had a different nose

Oscar was orange!

Big Bird had NO head - it was really kind of creepy

Bert and Ernie lived in the basement ( "Ernie why do you call the bathtub rosie?" "Because Bert when I get out I leave a ring around rosie.")

Mr. Hooper was YOUNG!!!

Moga gets one pick each time and ElCid gets a pick too. This time he picked Summer Magic. His pick is generally old live action Disney. ie Apple Dumpling Gang, Candleshoe, The One and Only American Family Band ... you get the idea. Other picks I have lined up for the future are Wuthering Heights, Sesame Street Disc 2 and Little Miss Broadway. Do you have a suggestion of a must see for my queue? Let me know!


redheadsmom said...

I love Summer Magic! The songs are the fun, toe-tapping kind. You should try for the first season of the Cosby Show. Those are good and funny styles. I ventured to your sister's blog, it was very entertaining. Who is anonymous and why do they hate your mom?

Karen Valinda said...

JE sez 'the apple dumpling gang rides again'! I probably watched the original Sesame St episodes, Aunt LeAnna was 7 in Jan 1969 and Uncle Troy was 6 that Sept... I was 15 that July and as I remember the kids didn't really like SS that much to begin with, it was up against "Tory time with Uncle Gus" a host, puppet and lots of cartoons which were all brainless entertainment... how time flies.

Reds is good if it is still out there... Warren Beatty and Diane Keaton, 1981. Very political, makes one think. I will let JE comment on his own and make suggestions, I need to eat some of his maple brown sugar mini wheats just now. xoxoxox

-Shudokan Jon said...

I think that you aught to get...
Enemy Mine "Eark Maaaaaaaaan"
Enchanted "How does she know..."
The Great Mouse Detective "It's
The Rescuers Down Under "Bernard!"
Labrynth "Dance magic dance!"

That's all I can think of!

Safire said...

We're big fans of the Care Bear Movie, the My Little Pony movie and the strawberry shortcake tv series. Do they have reading rainbow? Also, I second Labyrinth! Dark Crystal is one of Juice's favorites, along with Legend (when Tom Cruise was cute and young!) but that's not one for your girls. Maybe the Brave Little Toaster. Okay, I watch way too much movies. :)

Zanne said...

If ElCid likes the classic live action Disneys, check out Blackbeard's Ghost for a funny one.