Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Our first big trip in the snow was a lot of fun but MAN was it COLD!!! I've resolved to complain slightly less when it's 115 this next summer.

ElCid thought this truck was very seasonally appropriate

Poor Bunso was COVERED in snow, sand and salt

Our antenna ball was also covered in snow, sand and salt

This was the first real accumulation we came across and the girls begged me to take a picture just in case there wasn't anymore

Look I could take pictures for calendars!

Once we got to Provo My Zanne's sister graciously donated her yard for the girls to play in. After a quick trip to K mart where all cold weather gear was 1/2 off we were ready for SNOW!!

Fred's new coat (also found in Provo) and her very well coordinated leopard print gear.

Jr. was wearing capri's, no socks and was very put out I wouldn't let her do a snow angel.

George found out that snow is sticky!!

Jr. loved her stripy new scarf.

Fred did get to do a snow angel, so not fair!!

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The Lowes said...

snow isn't my favorite thing to play in, but it sure is pretty!