Wednesday, December 19, 2007


I bought 3 sets of satin sheets at Ross. One pink, one purple and one blue. Wednesday is the day the girls clean their room and change their sheets and they each got a new set of Satin sheets for their beds. There is however a catch, if you play around or talk or come off your bed you loose your sheets and when the sheets are being washed if you come out or talk or play you won't get them back for another week. Tonight all 3 girls were sound asleep by 9:15. It worked once and I'm really hoping it will work again. That alone was worth the $30 investment. We leave tomorrow for the wedding and all that so hopefully the newness won't wear off too quickly.

I finished the Christmas dresses tonight...I think they need trim around the neck line and in all my running around tomorrow I hope to find some.

I have to change my oil and wind shield wiper blades, make a sash for my shirt it's one of those new ones that are silky and have a ribbon thing on them. I need to go to the post to mail stuff to my parents, pack, and check weather conditions.

I think I'm totally going to need a vacation after all this.

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Karen Valinda said...

Do they make orange satin sheets? I want to try this on JE, maybe he will actually sleep with sheets!