Sunday, October 28, 2007

Back to real life

I hate unpacking even more than I hate packing, you are home back from where ever the fun was, and all the clothes have to be washed and I just wish I was still on vacation.

It makes me think that maybe I'll put my business on hold after March when my Nanny leaves, I'll have to be a full time mom anyway and that would make so much less pressure in my life! But for now I have 6 weeks of work to power through and I will be done! No more orders for this year. My next available ship date is January 15th. I might make it earlier if a repeat client wants a special order dress.

I spent the last 2 days hanging out with my kids and cleaning my house! On Thursday I spent 12 hours (no joking) at school for Harvest Festival and Friday I spent time with just the girls. We started their entry for the pumpkin carving contest at school it is a pumpkin castle with princesses. On Saturday my mother in law came and helped me clean my kitchen...I DO have counters!!! My formal living room - it was just stuff I had to move to the garage but I'd never taken the time to do it. And my kids bedroom - it was covered in it's usual layer of clothes to be washed. It was great to have someone around who was there to remind me that I was cleaning, nice to talk to but not easy to convince that we ought to be watching a movie instead of working. I used to hate the mundane Mommy things I had to do and I know if I returned to them I'd hate them again I'm searching for that elusive balance of work and kids and house stuff...I don't think anyone has ever found it.

If anyone noticed I was tagged by Hillary so I'm supposed to list 6 unknown things about myself...I'm not sure if there are 6. There might be 6 things not everyone knows but I'm really an open book. So here goes---

1. When I was a young teenager I hated my teeth so badly I tried to make braces out of paper clips and hot glue...NOT RECCOMMENDED

2. I had a crush on Peter's roommate that introduced us.

Umm yeah I've been thinking for like 5 minutes so I'll have to do more digging and get back to you all on the other 4. I'm also not having very good luck getting pictures to upload properly but once they will I'll get more on here.


Hillary said...

I can only imagine how much that must have HURT! Yikes. And I'm NOT going to think about which roommate you had a crush on. They ALL scared me. :) You definitely got the good roommate.

VMom said...

I know 6 things... for a slight fee, extra time with my grand daughters for instance, I WON'T share them without your approval! As an example, when you had chicken pox you broke out worst on your arms and spent lots of time soaking in an oatmeal bath ~ January of 5th grade ;-} OK, so you are NOT trembling with fear at being exposed by yer ole mom! Shucks! I love you best, eternally mom